In Jamboti Nana (Govind) Kangutkar and his wife Radhabai Kangutkar were living happily. They gave birth to child in small hut in a small village called Benas Murdi on the banks of Malaprabha River. "Arun", the name of the child. Nana Kangutkar has two brothers Rama and Mahadev. All of them have nine children in all, here comes thought of Navanath.    
  Thought Nana and Radhabai are illiterate, they got "Arun" and their other children educated. "Arun" studied up to 7th standard in Z.P Primary School in Jamboti. Arun was not well in education but he got interest in school's extra curricular activities. One day he has to leave school for some reason. For idle "Arun" his father got work of handling cattle. "Arun" use to go on hills with the cattles. Initially "Arun" got 4 annas per cattle and it raised to 12 annas per cattle per month. One day while grazing Arun suddenly started chanting "Om Namah Shivay". To count the chanting Arun started collecting small stones later started collecting leaves of Avali tree. Further "Arun" started chanting "Om Namah Shivay", "Om Vishnave Namah", "Om Namo Shriram".    
  One day "Arun" got vision in kind of snake under a tree of Avali where he use to keep stone and leaves after chanting. One day "Arun's" close friend Ajit Sakhalkar, he had a job in military came to village. "Arun" accompanied him till Miraj. "Arun" stayed in Sangli and got a job in Hotel Pusparaj and worked for two months. But inner consciousness does not allowed to so. Then he returned to Jamboti and started masonry. While working he started worshiping village Godess Sateri, Pavanai, Kelbai, Ghagareshwar and deity Durgadevi. Meanwhile he met his 'Gurubandhu' Handi Bhadanganath and visited holy places Amarnath, Kashi Vishweshwar, Varanasi etc., at the age of 16 and returned to Jamboti.    
  An atheist person of the village challenged the existence of God; Maharaj had a dabate with that person. Got metal Shivlinga and Nageshi idols from his house. Here Maharaj got publicity and Jamboti gained name of a holy place. Yearning of Maharaj to serve the people, the society got attention of many people. Many people started coming to Jamboti. One day Maharaj had a thought of building a temple, and had a word with his disciples. His disciples started working for the purpose, purchased land for the temple. On request and quest of the disciples work for the temple started on the purchased land. Maharaj himself worked as mason got structure erected without help of any architect in one year. Maharaj himself designed the structure, a structure which gives a view of national integrity. From west it looks like Shivalinga, North view of Yesu, from East looks like elephant face and from South a Dome. Idols of Dattaguru, Kuldevata Ghareshwar (Shivaling), and Durgadevi are installed in beautifully designed sanctum sanctorum. The idols are brought from Jaipur (Rajsthan). Total spending was 8 to 9 Lakhs which was raised by his disciples. R.R Gund, Laxman Gund (Angadi, Khanapur), Ramanna Higade, Raju Netalkar, Raju Gopal Masekar Maruti Pujari, Sambhannavar (Hubli), Nimma Shet, Yahuda Shet (Gandhinagar, Mumbai), Sunil Kalemani (Belgaum), Smt. Sanyogita Halgekar (Councilor, Belgaum) these donors donated by heart for the purpose.    
  There is a routine schedule in the Temple. Abhishek, Arati and Mahanaivedya    
  Sadguru Manjunath Maharaj along with spiritual conducted blood donation camp, heart disease diagnose camp and other treatment camps. Sadguru Manjunath Maharaj started drinking water project and supplied drinking water in the entire village.    
  Sadguru Manjunath Maharaj built Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue and entrance gate for Shree Durga Devi temple at the entrance of the village. Maharaj constructed a school building for educating the village children's.